How can I get involved?

We are a small group of volunteers who rely on donations to do our work in the townships. We are supported by both Animal Rescue Organisation (for sterilisations) and SPCA (for vaccinations etc). The owners pay, where they can, as we like to hold them accountable and responsible for their pets. Also, all rescue organisations rely on these payment to run their hospitals, staff and pick up vehicles. Services we provide: Education: We strive to improve the quality of life for animals in the townships by educating their owners on correct care of feeding and making water available and health care (including de-worming, dipping against ticks/fleas, vaccinating and sterilising. Medical Assistance: We dress wounds, take animals to vets where needed, tend to fly eaten raw ears etc. Intervention: We report neglect and cruelty to the Inspectorates for them to act on it. As volunteers, we do not have the authority to remove an animal without the owner’s consent and signing of a surrender form. Providing Food & Shelter: We feed the animals on a weekly basis and collect and distribute donated kennels and blankets. Building Trust / Making a Difference: We have done a census of the animal population and have achieved about an 85% sterilisation of cats and 80% of dogs which is remarkable. Unfortunately, animals do come and go so it is forever fluctuating. Through educating and working with the owners over 3 years or so, we have won their trust and we now have them phoning/texting us when they need help which is just wonderful. It is a fulfilling job in many ways, as we see the value of our input, and most of the animals just love us (and the food). On the other hand, it is sometimes hard to see sadness and neglect – but it is lessening with our help, and we can only hope to continue making that small difference to these creatures. How can you help? We always need donations for food, collars, leads, bowls, blankets/bedding and of course money to carry the cost of vaccinations/sterilisations/vet care for those who genuinely cannot afford it. Any help is most appreciated in order for us to continue helping these animals.