Pawfriends Animal Rescue Organization (138-085 NPO) was founded in June 2014 by Reese Harley.

Our mission is to assist the animals of the Westlake Township. We focus mainly on the dogs and cats that suffer abandonment and the ever present abuse, burns, parasites, starvation, dog fighting, neglect, and over breeding. We have sterilised almost 500 dogs and cats so far.

You can see photographs of our sterilisation project, feeding, wound care, parasite control, vet care, and education programme to stop dog fighting and baiting in Westlake township in Cape Town. Seeing the difference in pets owners through education on animal care is so rewarding.

Once they see how much we value the animals, they begin to understand how to show them love with proper nutrition and care. This teaching of compassion will affect generations to come – both people and animals in the future. We are motivated by the response and caring from other animal lovers.

We thank those who support us, especially:

  • Dr. Ross and his staff at Steenberg Veterinary Clinic.
  • SPCA and their inspectors.
  • Animal Rescue Organisation.
  • All our sponsors, supporters and volunteers.